June 22, 2023

LeanIX Wins Five Leader Awards in G2’s Summer 2023 Report

Real-world users choose LeanIX for its best-in-class application portfolio management and enterprise architecture tools

BONN, Germany and BOSTON, MA, June 22, 2023 – LeanIX has been recognized as a Leader in G2’s Summer 2023 Grid® Report. G2 granted LeanIX leader awards in the following categories:

  1. Application Portfolio Management
  2. Enterprise Architecture Tools
  3. Relationship Index for Application Portfolio Management
  4. Momentum for Enterprise Architecture Tools
  5. Momentum for Application Portfolio Management

This recognition comes on the heels of last quarter’s Fall Grid® Report, which named LeanIX a leader in four categories: Enterprise Architecture, Application Portfolio Management, Momentum for Application Portfolio Management, and Relationship Index for Application Portfolio Management.

As the world’s largest and most trusted software marketplace, G2 is visited by 80 million software buyers each year. Badges are awarded quarterly, and a company must receive at least 50 approved and published reviews in order to be eligible. G2 Badges represent the trust only authentic peer reviews provide. G2’s real-world users continue to rate LeanIX as the global industry leader in enabling continuous transformation of corporate and product IT.

Enterprises around the world use LeanIX to visualize, plan, and manage their increasingly complex IT landscapes, including all applications and SaaS subscriptions. LeanIX’s automated, data-driven approach allows companies to map their “as-is” enterprise architecture, connecting applications to the business capabilities they support, while also designing the ideal architecture they aim to create. The insights provided by LeanIX empower organizations to make informed decisions regarding technology investments and continuously adapt to a changing business environment.

LeanIX met and surpassed the following prerequisites for each Leader category:

Application Portfolio Management – To qualify for inclusion in the Application Portfolio Management category, a product must:

  • Visually map out applications in use
  • Track application usage for each team
  • Rank applications based on their value to the business goals
  • Identify redundancies, overlap, and organizational inefficiencies

Enterprise Architecture Tools – To qualify for inclusion in the Enterprise Architecture Tools category, a product must:

  • Facilitate business modeling, management, and structural analysis
  • Assist in managing processes, requirements, and risks
  • Provide project management features for business strategy planning

Relationship Index for Application Portfolio Management – Badges for the Relationship Index are awarded to products for:

  • Best Relationship (highest overall score)
  • Highest Quality of Support (highest overall score)
  • Easiest To Do Business With (highest score)

Momentum for Enterprise Architecture Tools and Momentum for Application Portfolio Management – A product’s Momentum score is calculated by a proprietary G2 algorithm that factors in social, web, employee, and review data. In the last two years, LeanIX has doubled its customer base to over 1000, opened new offices, and expanded its team to over 500 employees worldwide.

LeanIX earned its recognition based on customer reviews such as these on the G2 platform:

"[LeanIX has a] very simple user interface, great visualizations and pre-built report templates. It has good integrations with common tools, e.g., ServiceNow, Confluence, etc. The license model allows for unlimited users, which really helps drive adoption in the organization."

"I like the product itself as much as the community and LeanIX Support. Changes and improvements are deployed on a regular basis. I particularly like the support of surveys and collaboration features."

"It was a quantum leap for us Enterprise Architects to switch to LeanIX. We can see the whole application landscape at once, and we have the ability to harvest the specific reports and data we need from an enterprise architecture tool."

We are extremely grateful that so many users continue to select LeanIX as a leader in enterprise architecture tools and application portfolio management,” said LeanIX CEO and co-founder André Christ.
This recognition highlights the fact that LeanIX effectively tackles the most critical EA challenges customers face, empowering them to enhance their decision-making processes and enabling faster and more informed choices around business transformation.

Check out the many validated user reviews of LeanIX on G2 now and see first-hand how LeanIX stacks up against the competition.