LeanIX Smart Xplore™

Bringing to life a personalized, efficient, and seamless experience.

LeanIX Smart Xplore™

Navigate and Explore Like Never Before

LeanIX Smart Xplore™ functionalities provide rapid navigation, intelligent personalization, and seamless exploration within all our solutions. Scaled for enterprises and with the efficiency to match.

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Witness the Benefits of Great Exploration

A tailor-made introduction on using LeanIX Smart Xplore™ to manage Digital Transformation efforts throughout all IT states and departments.

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Gain Visibility Anywhere, Anytime

Rapid Navigation

Easily inspect and stay on top of your Digital Initiatives.


Search Made Simple

Quickly access the information you need across your entire IT landscape—from Dashboard to Inventory to Reports to Diagrams.

Preview Images of Reports and Diagrams

Discover Dependencies with powerful preview images.

Get Information Faster

Leverage the power of Saved Search to pick up projects from where you left off.


Intelligent Personalization

Get a tailored overview of what needs your attention to get work done quicker.


Recommend at Scale

Easily share information to relevant users.

Organize Your Entire Work

Work smarter with a personalized view of Dashboards, Diagrams, Reports, and To-Dos.

Control Your Data

Safeguard the integrity of your IT landscape with specific user permissions.

Scaled for Enterprises

Seamless Exploration

Leverage the power of interactive exploration to rapidly make decisions.


Explore Relations

Get a 360-degree view of your data and easily explore all dependencies.

Navigate Diagrams

View all related diagrams for any application to quickly grasp your IT landscape.

Uncover Underlying Data Characteristics

Instantly capture how your IT entities are defined.