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How Pinellas County Digitizes Government Services for Its Citizens

Success Story

Pinellas County, Florida, in the USA is the 6th most populous county in its state. The Business Technology Services (BTS) group provides Enterprise and Custom Technology solutions to the county. They maintain the infrastructure comprised of the data centers and the county's extensive application portfolio.

In 2015 BTS decided to implement application portfolio management (APM) within the Enterprise Architecture (EA) group. Previously, the technology roadmap was an isolated spreadsheet. No one knew how many applications BTS supported, how their system requirements were related, what the application and IT component lifecycles were, or what security risks BTS might be facing. In short, the IT landscape was invisible as an ecosystem, as well as outdated.

When implementing APM with LeanIX, views of the IT landscape including related processes, data objects, and business capabilities began to emergeWith LeanIX, BTS was able to move forward with their strategic plan, which included modernizing outdated infrastructure, improving ROI of IT technology expenditures and proving value of invested resources.

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