Utilizing EAM for Across-the-Board Governance


Banking, Finance & Insurance


Illinois, US



Key Highlights:

  • Mapping all technologies to technical capabilities
  • Leveraging automations to populate enterprise architecture data
  • Integrating governance processes using custom fact sheets

LeanIX Connect Summit Americas West 2023

The architecture guidance to ensure consistent technical implementation

In this in-depth LeanIX Connect Summit presentation, Anupama Pradhan, Senior Principal Enterprise Architect at Discover Financial Services, shares how the company integrated an organization-wide governance process, mapping applications to business capabilities and leveraging automations to ingest data from multiple systems. Watch now and learn more!

"We wanted to build a map of our architecture that people could easily navigate. You shouldn't have to be an enterprise architect to understand it. Where might the risks be? Where do we have technical debt? How does our application landscape relate to industry trends? LeanIX gives us that holistic view."

Anupama Pradhan,
Senior Principal Enterprise Architect, Discover Financial Services

Anupama Pradhan

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