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Creating a Data-Driven Architecture Practice


Banking, Finance, and Insurance


Brisbane, AUS



Key Highlights

  • Directly sourcing board reporting from LeanIX
  • Requiring LeanIX numbers for all technology software in production releases
  • Using LeanIX Fact Sheets to produce solution architecture diagrams


LeanIX Connect Summit APAC 2023

Making smarter and faster decisions

Bank of Queensland (BOQ) is one of Australia's leading regional banks with over 160 branches, including corporate branches and third-party intermediaries. Their impressive reach also resulted in a vast enterprise architecture.

Watch this insightful LeanIX Connect Summit session and learn how BOQ was able to connect the dots of their enterprise architecture, creating a truly data-driven EA practice with smarter, more informed decision making. In this overview of their enterprise architecture journey, BOQ's Head of Architecture Neil MacKellar reveals how LeanIX provided the building blocks to make that happen.

"LeanIX has given us a much more informed, data-driven decision making process. Our journey in LeanIX has been superb."

Neil MacKellar,
Head of Architecture, Bank of Queensland

Neil MacKellar

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