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How Beiersdorf Changed the Rules and Reimagined EA

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Key Highlights:

  • Replacing the top-down, “ivory tower” model of enterprise architecture with a democratized, community-based approach
  • Aligning multiple architectural domains and bringing them together to drive a common goal and vision
  • Ensuring transparency and communication across teams so value is understood by all

Customer Session at LeanIX Connect Summit EMEA 2022

Hear from Beiersdorf on how they replaced centralized EA with a new holistic approach

Traditionally, individual domain architects have worked in silos, with EA experts in ivory towers dictating architecture governance and principles.

But that’s not an ideal setup for an innovative, product-oriented IT. Just as product lifecycles span multiple domains across an organization, enterprise architecture should likewise be overarching and cross-domain.

In this LeanIX Connect Summit session, Janosch Dolber, Enterprise Architect at Beiersdorf, and Rolf B. Blankenmayer, Senior Manager at Accenture, reveal how Beiersdorf tore down the ivory tower of traditional EA and reimagined domain architects as co-facilitators and change agents. Watch now to learn how they created a distributed, community-focused practice, and the challenges they had to overcome.

“Rather than defining ourselves as the overseers of a doctrinaire target architecture, we see ourselves as trusted advisors and change agents within an IT that transforms itself with a product-centric organization.”

Janosch Dolber,
Enterprise Architect, Beiersdorf Shared Service GmbH

Janosch Dolber

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