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Integrating Apps from 28 Acquisitions at Avalara

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Key Highlights:

  • Integrating application portfolios from acquisitions in a structured and efficient way
  • Pulling data automatically to populate executive dashboards and other data repositories through LeanIX APIs
  • Designing a software maturity model using LeanIX Surveys 

Customer Session at LeanIX Connect Summit Americas 2022

Find out how LeanIX gives Avalara the best context for the best decisions

Tax compliance solutions provider Avalara was scaling, but they were struggling to keep up with constant change in their application portfolio. The company’s inventories of applications and services was spread across several different lists in multiple departments. On top of that, the company had 28 acquisitions in progress, all of which had their own applications that would need to be integrated.

Avalara needed a unified inventory of systems and components. They needed to know what they had, why they had them, who owned them, and how they were related to each other so they could scale responsibly, integrate acquisitions smoothly, and transform continuously.

In this LeanIX Connect Summit session, Sean Brady, Software Architect at Avalara, reveals how the company used LeanIX to inventory almost 300 product components, discovering unknown dependencies and aliases and increasing point of contact coverage from less than 60% to nearly 100%. He also shows how they use LeanIX today to enable acquisition integration, security information management, software maturity assessment, incident management, and evolutionary architecture.

“LeanIX gives us the foundation we need to ensure an evolutionary architecture that accommodates our growth and enables us to integrate application portfolios from acquisitions in a structured and efficient way.”

Sean Brady,
Software Architect, Avalara

Sean Brady

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