Transforming on Multiple Levels at adidas







Key Highlights:

  • Linking all business capabilities to product domain maps and containing EA issues to their specific domain
  • Integrating LeanIX with multiple systems – including ServiceNow, SAP Signavio, and Collibra – to automate and enhance many processes
  • Identifying over 100 end-of-life systems and all of their dependencies throughout the organization

LeanIX Connect Summit EMEA 2023

adidas’ application landscape was unorganized. Then, they began working with LeanIX.

In this illuminating LeanIX Connect Summit EMEA 2023 keynote, adidas VP of Enterprise Architecture Daniel Eichten describes the company’s EA journey with LeanIX and the challenges EAM helped them overcome.

Eichten shares how adidas focused on optimizing their application portfolio, mitigated risks associated with open-source software, and enhanced many other aspects of their business. Additionally, he reveals exciting plans for the future as their journey continues. Don't miss out on these inspiring insights — watch now!

"Our enterprise architecture management system was hard to use and only available to a small subset of people. We switched to LeanIX and the difference was night and day.”

Daniel Eichten,
VP of Enterprise Architecture, adidas

Daniel Eichten

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