Establishing Robust EAM in 5 Steps


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Key Highlights:

  • Mapping business capabilities to form a common language between business and IT
  • Gaining buy-in from key stakeholders by linking potential benefits to the needs of each subsidiary
  • Creating a framework for real-time knowledge transfer across the organization

LeanIX Connect Summit EMEA 2023

How do you transform a global enterprise while maintaining business autonomy?

Over the last decade, global IT services provider Crayon has experienced 10x growth, both organically and through M&As. Its subsidiaries have a high degree of autonomy, so they needed to align processes across the organization while maintaining business autonomy.

Watch this enlightening LeanIX Connect Summit presentation by Crayon COO Erwin Heinrich and EFS Consulting Partner Liliana Simon to see how Crayon implemented a company-wide enterprise architecture management practice in 5 steps.

"The company has grown very quickly over the last ten years. We have global rollout projects in ERP and business intelligence, and we need more data insight. This requires tools and processes to be aligned.”

Erwin Heinrich,
Chief Operating Officer, Crayon Group

Erwin Heinrich

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