Use Case

Application Modernization
& Cloud Migration

Story Background

Deploying the latest versions of critical applications according to established best practices improves business performance, ensures IT security, and enables organizational agility.
Migrating applications to the cloud remains a leading modernization approach worldwide. To maximize the benefits of moving to the cloud, migrations require proper planning, management, and tracking.


How LeanIX helps you modernize and migrate applications to the cloud

Assess your application portfolio

  • Identify and document the business owner of each application
  • Use Surveys to collect all relevant data on your applications including – version, lifecycle stage, hosting type, technical fit, functional fit, and business criticality
  • Categorize applications based on the TIME (Tolerate, Invest, Migrate, Eliminate) methodology
  • Determine the scope of your modernization/migration initiative

Evaluate the cloud readiness of your applications and identify best migration candidates

  • Assess dependencies impacting cloud migration with pre-defined Matrix reports and Data-Flow diagrams
  • Evaluate the cloud readiness of individual applications using the out-of-the-box integration to CAST Highlight
  • Apply the 6R methodology (Rehost, Replatform, Rearchitect, Replace, Retain, Retire) to guide planning
  • Prioritize applications into migration waves based on business criticality and urgency

Model your target landscape and develop a migration roadmap

  • Use pre-defined Transformations (e.g., change application technology, decommission application) to streamline and accelerate modeling
  • Compare the impacts of planned Transformations on your as-is landscape with dynamic visualizations
  • Develop a detailed, sequential roadmap for modernization and migration to the cloud

Start migrations and track the progress

  • Keep different stakeholder groups informed with customized dashboards
  • Track progress of your modernization and migration initiatives while providing an overview of what's still ahead
  • Update your IT repository after executing planned changes with a single click

Benefits from the LeanIX customer base


Save up to 75% of the time manually collecting data from business stakeholders for migrating to cloud-native infrastructure.


Accelerate decisions and migration project starts by up to 80%.


Reduce up to 20% of application costs and 80% of carbon footprint by retiring applications during cloud migration