Application Modernization & Cloud Migration

Migrating to the cloud is currently the top priority for companies worldwide. It is an integral element of modern IT strategies and the most effective way to scale products and services to gain competitive advantages. However, if not properly managed, cloud migrations will result in extra complexity in organizations.

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Requirements for a Successful
Cloud Migration

To achieve a successful migration, strategic objectives must be linked to transformation initiatives to understand how evolving architecture will affect the overall performance of a business. LeanIX supports high-level transformation planning plus automated methods of governing and monitoring IT entities — both during and after migrations.


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Establish cloud migration as a business objective

Break down strategies and align on company-wide transformation initiatives to prioritize migration schedules.

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Current Architecture

Automate analysis on cloud footprint

Gain instant visibility into the cloud footprint with LeanIX Value Stream Management to assess which applications are already in the cloud and those that must follow. 



Assess cloud readiness

Gather information from the right stakeholders via configurable surveys and collaboratively identify migration candidates. 




Evaluate cloud migrations using the 6R strategy

Applications can take different paths to the cloud. LeanIX recommends using the 6R strategy to evaluate which path is right for an application.


Impact Management

Create migration scenarios

Collaboratively model changes and impacts to current IT landscapes with the LeanIX Business Transformation Management (BTM) module.

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Target Architecture

Select the best migration scenarios by envisioning outcomes

Accelerate key decisions by visualizing and comparing the target architecture of different scenarios.


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Fact Sheet

Monitor migrations at an architectural level

Track how applications are being migrated to the cloud with up-to-date, automated overviews in LeanIX.

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Impact Execution

Replace legacy dependencies and keep EA documentation up to date

With the LeanIX BTM module, the modelled impacts can easily be applied to the current architecture once transformation initiatives are completed. 

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Interactive Reporting

Track and report cloud migration progress

Use configurable reports to efficiently track and validate the different cloud migration initiatives.