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We are looking for employees with passion for IT

Haven't found your position?

Feel like you'd be a good addition to the team, but don't see a position listed here? Drop us a line at jobs@leanix.net anyway. We would love to hear from you!


1. Are all open positions still vacant?

Yes! Our job postings are always up to date.

2. What type of application is desired?

Think before you print: Therefore, we ask you to submit your application via our online form or via email: jobs@leanix.net

3. Which documents do we need?

Keep it lean – send your CV/Résumé including your earliest possible start date and your salary expectations. If you have any other documents to help us learn more about you, please add them.

4. I want to work at LeanIX, but I can’t find a suitable vacancy at the moment. Can I still send my CV?

Yes, absolutely. You can send us your CV/Résumé and some information about what kind of role you would be interested in. Then we can see whether there is a general fit and if there is a suitable role.

5. When can you expect a response to your application?

As soon as you have sent your application, you will receive an automatic confirmation mail. We know that fast feedback is important, and we always try to give qualified feedback as soon as possible. However, from time to time we may have to coordinate internally, which delays the process a little. But generally, our motto is to be as fast as possible.

6. How long do we keep your application in the system?

As a rule, your application remains in our system for four months after completion of the application process. In individual cases we may include your application in our talent pool. In that case we will contact you and actively ask for your permission.

7. Does LeanIX also offer apprenticeships?

Yes, in Germany we offer apprenticeships in the area of application development (Fachinformatiker Anwendungsentwicklung). If there is a current opening, you can find vacancies for apprenticeships in our job list.

8. What is the main language spoken at LeanIX?

We are an international company, that´s why our communication is mainly in English.

Our Recruiting Process at LeanIX

At LeanIX we embrace the value of transparency at every level of the organization including the recruitment process. We want candidates to shine and put their right foot forward to make the best impression possible. This process also demonstrates how seriously we take each one of you, who is a potential member of the LeanIX team! With that in mind (and we promise no tricks or surprises), we gladly share our recruitment process with you and wish you the best of luck!

Initial qualification through HR

In the first step we want to make sure, that we have all necessary information to go ahead with the recruiting process. HR will contact you via email with initial questions or you will have a short telephone interview with one of our HR-colleagues to clarify some general questions such as your starting date or relocation. Moreover, we want to get to know you better and want to know more about your motivation to work for LeanIX and your previous career. Also, we would like to give you the opportunity to get a better picture of the position.

Telephone Interview with the hiring manager

The next step is a telephone interview with the hiring manager. This interview is specifically about the position you applied for and the specific tasks related. The hiring manager wants to get to know you better and will also ask detailed questions regarding your previous experience. We really want to see if we fit together. This is also your chance to get a more precise picture of the position, and you are more than welcome to ask all kind of questions.

Key Interview

The Key Interview is a personal interview with the hiring manager, one of our co-founders and one or two team members. During this interview we will find out if we really fit together. Not only in terms of your professional qualifications, but also in terms of personality and fit to the team. After the interview you will get a short office tour and see your future work space. You might also get to know some of the other team members. If you have applied for an engineering position, the Key Interview process also includes a coding session.

It´s a match

Yeah! You made it. Welcome to the LeanIX team. If we are mutually convinced that we want to work together, you will receive your employment contract. At this stage, HR usually calls you to go through the main contract details. Afterwards, you will receive your contract via mail to sign and send back. As soon as we receive the signed contract from you, we will start preparing everything for your first day at LeanIX.