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Frequently asked questions

1. Are all open positions still vacant?

Yes! Our job postings are always up to date.

2. What type of application is desired?

Think before you print: Please only apply via our online job portal.

3. Which documents do we need for the application process?

Keep it lean – send your CV/Résumé including your address, contact details, earliest possible start date and your salary expectations. If you have any other documents to help us learn more about you, please add them.

4. I want to work at LeanIX, but I can’t find a suitable vacancy at the moment. Can I still send my CV?

Feel free to send us your CV and information ( about what kind of role you'd be interested in. We'll get in touch if a suitable role becomes available.

5. When can you expect a response to your application?

As soon as you've sent your application, you'll receive an automated confirmation mail, and we'll try to respond to your application as soon as possible. We may need to discuss the details with our team members, but will do our best not to keep you waiting.

6. How long do we keep your application in the system?

As a rule, your application will remain in our system for maximum six months after the completion of the application process. We may sometimes ask to keep your details for longer, if we hope to find a role for you in the future. Of course, you may always request us to delete your personal data in our system.

7. Does LeanIX also offer internships?

Yes, in locations we have an office, we offer internships. You can find vacancies for apprentices in our list of open positions.

8. What is the main language spoken at LeanIX?

We're an international company, so to make collaboration easier for our colleagues outside of Germany, our official language is English. Therefore we recommend you to submit your CV in English language.

Thanks For Applying. What’s Next?

Our Recruiting Process at LeanIX

Step 1

Initial Call With Your Talent Acquisition Partner

Following your application, a Talent Acquisition Partner will contact you with some initial questions to make sure we have all the information we need. They’ll be your contact for the rest of the process and help you at every stage.

Firstly, they’ll work to understand your motivation for applying to LeanIX and offer you a better picture of the company. Depending on the role, they may also arrange a brief phone or Zoom interview, or ask you to complete our Insight Predictive Assessment, before we decide whether to invite you for an interview with the hiring manager.

  • Sent Out Application

Step 2

Interview With The Hiring Manager

The next step is a Zoom or in-person interview with the manager who is hiring for the role. This interview is specifically about the position you applied for. The hiring manager wants to get to know you better and will also ask detailed questions about your previous experience. This is your opportunity to showcase your talents and ask questions you have about the role and how it fits into the company.

  • Sent Out Application
  • Initial Call

Step 3

Key Interview

The “Key Interview” will be with the hiring manager and one or two relevant stakeholders, often leaders, and may span several sessions, depending on the role. This could be over Zoom or in person.

Every candidate will be asked in advance to prepare a relevant assignment or case study, which will be presented or discussed during the interview. This case study gives you as an applicant more clearance on the expectations and responsibilities of the role applied for. Analyzing your completed assignment will give us a clear picture of the way you work and the level of your skills.

If the Key Interview is conducted in person, you may have a chance to tour the office and see your future work space as well.

  • Sent Out Application
  • Initial call
  • Interview with Hiring Manager

Step 4


At this stage, you have made it. If all parties are convinced, then you will receive your employment contract. Your Talent Acquisition Partner will contact you to go through the details and you’ll be ready to sign. We’ll start preparing the details of your onboarding and agree your start date.

We keep in touch with you up until your first day to make sure you’re ready to go. Prior to your start date, you’ll receive a package with your equipment and a few extra surprises from us. You’ll be guided through setting up your laptop and other items on your first day.

  • Sent Out Application
  • Initial Call
  • Interview with Hiring Manager
  • Key Interview

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