• 360° Fact Sheets

    See all information and dependencies of an Application, Technology, ...
  • Context-sensitive search

    Search and filter just like at Amazon or when booking a Hotel.
  • Tagging

    Create your own classifications, without any need for customizing.
  • Excel Import & Export

    Instantly download all data to Excel, modify it, and upload it again.
  • REST-API and SDKs

    Create, read, update or delete all data in the inventory using the open REST-API or SDKs in Java, PHP, C#, ...
  • Subscriptions

    Define who is responsible or accountable for an application, project, provider, ...
  • Comments & Mentioning

    Create a new thread or answer a comment in context of any Fact Sheet, mention another users easily.
  • Notifications

    Receive notifications per E-Mail, e.g. if someone mentions you or if the quality seal is broken.
  • Custom surveys

    Design a custom questionnaire and send it out to the responsibles of selected Fact Sheet.
  • Activity Stream & RSS

    See all changes in the Inventory and get updates via RSS on all devices.
  • Interactive analysis

    Adjust every report, either by filtering or by applying different views.
  • Export to PNG, PDF, SVG, ...

    Use the export to embed reports into presentations or to create large printouts.
  • Saving of reports

    Save reports either for your own usage or to share it with your colleagues.
  • Custom Visualizations

    Create custom visualizations, with the flexibility of a drawing tool like Visio.
  • Own dashboards

    Enhance LeanIX with own reports, which can display any data stored in the inventory.

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