LeanIX Partner Program Awards 2019: List of Recipients

Posted by Tim R on December 6, 2019


We don’t say this enough, but LeanIX’s global network of Certified Partners— 43 in total from 10 countries—is fundamental to our company’s growth. It’s the not-so-hidden secret behind how we deliver our cloud-native Enterprise Architecture solutions to the number of companies we do and contribute to so many digital transformations worldwide. Based on a combination of technology enablement (online certifications, full product access, etc.), sales enablement (proof-of-concept and demo support, sales workshops, etc.), and general partner enablement (access to an evolving resources library, a dedicated LeanIX Partner Manager, etc.), our partners are able to use our tools to their fullest—and in turn, so do their clients.

This process is nonetheless underscored by tremendous hard work and creativity, so at the 2019 LeanIX EA Connect Days, a series of awards were presented to recognize achievements in our partner ecosystem.

And these were the recipients:

Delivery Partner of the Year: Lean42

This award was given to Lean42, a LeanIX Certified Partner who contributed to making the LeanIX platform a co-operative and beneficial ecosystem via co-marketed and use case-driven content efforts that accelerated customer implementations, sales efforts, and consulting.

Enterprise Architecture Award

Lean42 recipients: Inge and Sebastian Hanschke

Regional Partner of the Year: LoQutus

LoQutus, a Belgium- and Netherlands-based leader in digital insights and analytics, spent much of 2019 assisting their regional customers with LeanIX. Of note, LoQutus also embraced LeanIX as their own standard solution for enabling their customers’ Enterprise Architecture practices.

Enterprise Architecture Award

LoQutus recipients: Pedro Meuleman (left) and Alexander Borry (right)

Technology Partner of the Year: Signavio

Our products would not be as useful as they are without the integrations we build alongside our technology partners. Awarded this year to Signavio, the achievement highlights the best in technical cooperation and co-innovation for bringing LeanIX to the next level of service excellence. 

Enterprise Architecture Award

Signavio recipient: Daniel Marques

New Partner of the Year: Cognizant

As the title suggests, The New Partner of Year is awarded to a recent LeanIX partner who demonstrates outstanding engagement with the LeanIX Academy platform and completes a thorough certification in their early months of the program. Cognizant took home this year's honor after having exceeded the expected use of all available learning resources. 

Enterprise Architecture Award

Cognizant recipient: Dilip Parmar (left) and Alexander Broj (right)


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