Peers Rate Enterprise Architecture Tools in Gartner’s Voice of the Customer

With so much noise surrounding digital transformation and the increasing complexity of IT, it’s easy for technology leaders to go astray in their search for best-fit vendors. For enterprise architecture (EA) tools, a growing industry with a diverse range of software providers, the selection process can be particularly confusing. That is what makes independent peer reviews invaluable.

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Giving Businesses What They Want: Data-Driven Architecture with André Christ, CEO of LeanIX

Presentation highlights from Gartner's 2019 Enterprise Architecture & Technology Innovation Summit


Gartner’s 2019 Enterprise Architecture & Technology Innovation Summit was a perfect showcase for André Christ, CEO of LeanIX, to share his perspectives on the new ways in which Enterprise Architects can satisfy the demands of modern businesses.

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It's Time to Listen to the IT Pros - Gartner Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Architecture Tools 2016

If you are interested in tools for Enterprise Architecture, then you may well take a look at analyst reports on this subject. In early May the new Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Architecture Tools was published; a little earlier than expected, as the 2015 Magic Quadrant had been published only a few months ago.
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Gartner EA Summit 2016 – Enterprise Architects have a lead role when it comes to Digitization

This year’s Gartner EA Summit is taking place in London on 15 and 16 June, it is one of the major EAM conferences in Europe. As a Platinum Sponsor LeanIX will be at the conference and is looking forward to meeting you there.

Gartner’s theme for this year’s summit is “Leading Digital Business Innovation and Transformation“. The agenda appeals to Enterprise Architects to become leaders of digital change, especially when it comes to creating and implementing digital strategies. Of course topics like bimodal IT, cloud and Internet of Things are playing a major role in this.
Especially when it comes to bimodal IT there have been a lot of heated discussions recently. This can be quite a contentious issue – some have good arguments why bimodal IT can be risky for organizations. Notably a two-class system is feared, in which investment in “slow IT“ is neglected. On the other side our client Axel Springer is one example showing that separating slow from fast IT can be the best way to deal with the current IT landscape – if you manage to link up both aspects.
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Gartner acknowledges LeanIX for lean, SaaS EA Tool

The latest Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Architecture Tools report by analysts Gartner included leanIX as an out-of-the-box, affordable, cloud-based EA tool especially suitable for midsize and smaller organizations.

Jörg G. Beyer, Managing Director of LeanIX, commented on the inclusion of leanIX in the report, “Of course we are very pleased and proud that leanIX was included in the report. Gartner recognizes that leanIX is a valid choice for organizations to manage their IT portfolio.

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Gartner surprised IT Leaders with EAM Magic Quadrant 2013

This is a brief comparison of the differences between the 2012 and 2013 Magic Quadrants for Enterprise Architecture Tools based just on the X/Y position in the quadrant. We have chosen this approach because many people just look at the position in the quadrant and don’t read the report in detail. 

Analyzing the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Architecture Tools 2013 is quite interesting. In 2012 the Leader Quadrant was quite crowded and a couple of products very close to each other. This year Gartner has chosen to provide more clarity of the position of each tool and separates tools much more from each other. In the 2013 Quadrant you can draw a line from the bottom left to upper right where most tools are at.
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