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Top 4 Ways Enterprise Architects Can Prepare Their Companies for Digital Transformation

Previously, IT played a more of a supporting role; swooping in to save team members when they were locked out of their accounts or fine-tuning network access protocols. This is changing. A recent McKinsey survey revealed that many executives expect IT to play a more integrated role in driving business results. Roughly 80 percent or respondents say that business and technology should collaborate on digital strategy in the future. Going forward, IT leaders will have a leading position in shaping the future decisions of a company.

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Tech Stack best practice for big and small

CIO, CTOs and IT managers face the challenge to manage hundreds, or in some companies thousands, of technology products: Which data base technology to favor for the next year? What risk do outdated server operating systems bear? How big is the saving potential of sourcing all middleware from one manufacturer? One goal of Enterprise Architecture is to make such complexity manageable.

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