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US EA Connect Day 2019: May 30, New York City

Posted by Tim R on April 3, 2019

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Enterprise Architecture (EA) is a discipline that prepares organizations for the future—and LeanIX’s second annual US EA Connect Day on May 30 in New York City will give all attendees direct access to the best technologies, processes and people to help their businesses reach their targets sooner.

Just like last year’s inaugural event and its European counterpart, US EA Connect Day 2019 will be focused on the themes of using EA as a stabilizing force in a digitalized and highly-disruptive world. In particular, the event will include a mixture of presentations and real-life case studies on generating business value through EA solutions—all of which will relate to a planned keynote speech entitled “Why it’s time to re-think your approach to Enterprise Architecture” by former Research Director of Gartner, Mark McGregor.

McGregor, who is an author of four books on business and process management, will draw from his 25+ years’ worth of professional learnings with software vendors and analysts to show audiences that they can adopt modern methods of EA to achieve the following:

  • To deliver true business value with key EA use cases
  • To leverage business outcomes to secure real ROI for the adoption, or expansion, of EA programs
  • To prove why great tools don't always get analyst coverage
  • To reveal why EA and its tools can't be a one-size-fits-all solution
  • To establish why BPM and EA are two sides of the same coin

US EA Connect Day 2019 is but another step in LeanIX's mission to showcase Enterprise Architecture's wide-ranging potential by collecting insights and initiating conversations between Enterprise Architecture experts from different industries on three key topics of digitalized enterprises:


Application Portfolio Management

  • How to assemble superior IT inventories
  • Strategies on streamlining projects and collecting data
  • Techniques for application rationalization


Integration Architecture

  • Modern methods of standardizing technologies and improving compliance efforts
  • Optimizing and consolidating technology in large-scale, post-M&A businesses
  • Tools for reducing manual documentation and modelling


Technology Risk Management

  • Identifying relevant, dependable technologies for businesses of all sizes and complexity
  • New methods of assessing enterprise risks
  • Ways to distribute expertise and IT knowledge to distribute security awareness


And just as important, it's also a rare opportunity for a diverse community of specialists to come together and collaborate on strategies to clear-and-present IT/Business topics like: Cloud Transformation; Cloud Governance; and Microservices Management.  

Naturally, all eventgoers will be able meet personally with the creators of LeanIX and discuss with its customers their best practices on navigating EA challenges. The final list of speakers and participants at US EACD 2019 is still growing, but take a look below at some of the presentations from last year's two events to get an even better idea of the breadth of topics expected for discussion:


David McCandless, "Information is Beautiful"



Oliver Schwarz, "Enterprise Architecture and Digital Transformation"  


Kevin McKee, "EA Meets ITIL, the Benefits of a LeanIX-ServiceNow Integration"



Kati Gholam, "Fact-Based Transformation at TUI" 

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