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Increase Your Enterprise Architecture Data Quality with LeanIX

Maintaining data quality is an ongoing issue that affects many businesses. Millions of dollars of budget are wasted every year because of poor data quality.  Companies rely on accurate data to assist their marketing, sales and customer service efforts. If the marketing department doesn’t have the right information on their customers, they could waste precious time chasing leads that don't exist.

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4 Things Enterprise Architects Should Know About Big Data


According to a 2016 IDG study, large enterprises have embraced the rise of data analytics, with 78% agreeing that data strategy, collection and analysis have the potential to completely change the way they do business. Before the insights of consumer trends were collected and analyzed, businesses first created a product, then spent costly marketing dollars to shape the minds of consumers to desire said product.

That model has changed.

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Data Governance

Dear son,

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Don't be foolish with Data

The 7 most expensive words:
"We have always done it that way"

When adopting a strategy towards data, businesses often prefer to start with what they already have and slowly adopt new technologies… sometimes this is a good approach, but if your company wants to use the collected data efficiently, a point usually comes where the used tools are not sufficient anymore.

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CIOs' Top Three Priorities in 2017 – How Can Enterprise Architecture Help?

The new year has arrived and now is a good time to get familiar with the CIOs’ key strategic priorities and concerns they have in mind for 2017. The Nomura Holdings CIO Survey does just this by examining their budget priorities for this cycle.

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Lean Enterprise Architecture Management (EAM) – Data quality is the key to transparency

In our series of blog posts on lean EAM today's post will examine the vital role of data quality in the digital transformation. How much of your budget is wasted because of poor data quality? It does not take an expert to realize that a central, collaborative EAM platform is useless if people mistrust the information they get from it.
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Why your data is more secure in the cloud than in your data center

If you ask in a conference hall with 100 people who thinks that he or she is an above than average car driver, more than 75 hands will shoot up (or more if there are mostly men). Clearly, here is something wrong with the numbers. This phenomenon is a cognitive bias called above average effect – and it appears in many areas. Could it be that also some companies need to pledge guilty for overestimating the security standards of their own data centers?

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