Connecting the Dots of Enterprise Architecture


Communications & Telecom





Key Highlights:

  • Six critical viewpoints for understanding your enterprise architecture needs
  • Increasing customer loyalty by adapting to the customer journey with internal processes
  • Using a card game to identify business capabilities that need to be added or changed to achieve company goals

LeanIX Connect Summit EMEA 2023

The Unique Approach to EA (Including a Card Game)

Mats Berglund is an Enterprise Architect at Ericsson, one of the world's leading information and communication technology service providers. During his informative LeanIX Connect Summit session in Frankfurt, he shares insights into the structured approach they use to connect the dots of EA and how they leverage EAM to make a substantial business impact.

Berglund also shares how Ericsson uses a unique card game based on LeanIX business capability maps to formulate change initiatives and translate strategy into execution. Watch the video for more inspiring insights!

“We were able to use a structured approach to connect the dots of our architecture – from strategy, business models, and customer journeys to the core of processes, data, applications, and IT components."

Mats Berglund,
Enterprise Architect at Ericsson

Mats Berglund

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