Exploring Theory vs. Practice in Application Rationalization

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Application Rationalization

Key Highlights:

  • Inputting all strategic goals into LeanIX and mapping them to specific projects
  • Mapping all apps to the business capabilities they support and categorizing them by brands, regions and functions
  • Tracking all technical debt on a quarterly basis

LeanIX Connect Summit Americas East 2023

Rationalizing Applications Across a Global Enterprise

In theory, application rationalization should result in a leaner, more efficient application portfolio that meets the needs of the business. However, the process can be complex and expensive, and fraught with unforeseen challenges – especially for global enterprises.

In this insightful LeanIX Conect Summit East 2023 presentation, SAP Enterprise Architect Chandra Knabel and Estée Lauder Executive Director of Enterprise Architecture Dawit Lessanu discuss theory and practice for application rationalization in the context of a global enterprise. They reveal how the reality of conducting an application rationalization process at a complex, global organization might differ from a conventional best-practice approach. Chandra and Dawit explore:

  • Four inflection points that should trigger an application rationalization
  • When insular cultures are reluctant to share data
  • The complexities of mergers & acquisitions
  • Educating all user groups in all regions on what’s needed and expected 

"LeanIX has been instrumental in helping us organize all of the information we need for continuous application portfolio optimization. All of our strategic goals from the board on down are put into LeanIX and mapped to specific projects.”

Dawit Lessanu,
Executive Director of Enterprise Architecture, Estée Lauder

Dawit Lessanu

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