Making Self-Service Simple and Available to Everyone







Key Highlights:

  • Creating a self-service process for anyone to onboard applications without EA expertise
  • Making LeanIX the single source of truth for applications and integrating LeanIX with ServiceNow and OneTrust
  • Keeping the existing ServiceNow self-service portal with familiar UI and UX while leveraging LeanIX 

LeanIX Connect Summit EMEA 2023

With modern self-service, EAs can focus on driving value

GEA is one of the world’s largest suppliers of systems and components to the food, beverage and pharmaceutical industries. During his insightful presentation, GEA Group Lead Architect Hans Nygaard shares how the company leveraged EAM to clean up their application inventory and determine clear ownership for every application.

Watch this LeanIX Connect Summit EMEA 2023 session and gain valuable insights from Nygaard as he explores the implementation of a self-sustaining onboarding process and how it can free up time for future-focused EA tasks.

"We made LeanIX the centralized repository for all of our applications and made sure this single source of truth communicates with all other systems, including ServiceNow and OneTrust."

Hans Nygaard,
GEA Group Lead Architect

Hans Nygaard

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