Application Rationalization and Cloud Migration Roadmap at NetApp




California, US



Key Highlights:

  • Identifying all apps in all locations, including apps from M&As
  • Mapping apps to business capabilities and uncovering duplicate and redundant solutions
  • Performing Gartner TIME (Tolerate, Invest, Migrate, Eliminate) analysis to streamline app portfolio and prepare for cloud migration

LeanIX Connect Summit Americas West 2023

Enterprise architecture for analytics, cloud, and advanced technologies

NetApp offers a range of data, application, and storage solutions that help organizations manage applications and data across hybrid multi-cloud environments. Their Cloud and Core business models resulted in an extensive application portfolio with a wide range of technologies and tools. However, multiple applications were being used for the same business capabilities, and sometimes multiple contracts were held with the same vendor.

In this LeanIX Connect Summit session, NetApp Enterprise Architect Praveen Beedanagari explains how they utilized software asset management (SAM) and enterprise architecture management (EAM) to rationalize their application portfolio, map all business capabilities to applications, and consolidate redundant contracts. 

“We can see all of our business capabilities and how many apps are supporting each capability. This enables us to align our long-term roadmap with our target state.”

Praveen Beedanagari,
Enterprise Architect, NetApp

Praveen Beedanagari

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