Harnessing EA to Drive IT Transformation


Airline Services


Brisbane, AUS



Key Highlights:

  • Gaining full visibility of all transformation projects
  • Creating actionable roadmaps for transformation and modeling changes over time
  • Measuring tech obsolescence risk to inform portfolio planning and investments

LeanIX Connect Summit APAC 2023

Leading transformative IT initiatives

In January 2021, Virgin Australia commenced an ambitious transformation to optimize key capabilities, increase tech ROI, address tech debt, and drive future transformations.

In this lively Connect Summit presentation, Virgin Australia Head of Technology Emma Taylor demonstrates how EA management can be harnessed to drive significant improvements in IT architecture. Taylor delves into the core principles of what they call their Architecture Brain and its role in facilitating informed decision-making. During the talk, she unveils how VA utilizes EA to gain valuable insights into their existing IT landscape, identify optimization opportunities, and plan for future architectural changes.

Watch the session and hear about the real-world examples of how VA drives IT transformation and what tangible benefits they achieved, including increased operational efficiency, enhanced agility, and improved alignment between business and IT objectives.

"We harness the power of LeanIX to drive the development of technology capabilities needed for future growth and evolution."

Emma Taylor,
Head of Technology, Virgin Australia

Emma Taylor

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