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Simplifying EA Data Collection


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Transportation & Logistics


Texas, USA



Key Highlights:

  • Ensuring persistent, fact-based enterprise architecture (EA) reporting in support of informed, data-driven decision making
  • Employing clearly defined metrics to maintain data quality, and optimize EA processes  
  • Breaking down data silos to promote transparency and foster a culture of collaboration 

LeanIX Connect Summit Americas 2022

Join the talk with Southwest's Senior Enterprise Architect on how effective EA reporting replaces hearsay with facts

Without formal reporting processes and seamless visibility across teams, data quality suffers. And that undoubtedly means data-driven decisions will also suffer.

In this LeanIX Connect Summit session, watch Southwest Airlines Senior Enterprise Architect, Christian Holston, explain how LeanIX makes it possible for his organization to conduct EA reporting in a structured, consistent fashion, accountably measuring data quality against defined metrics for all stakeholders.

“The promise of what you can do when you have the right information is incredibly powerful.”

Christian Holston,
Senior Enterprise Architect, Southwest Airlines

Christian Holston

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