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Defining Market-Leading Business Models


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Virginia, USA



Key Highlights:

  • Gain first-hand knowledge from a truly experienced cross-industry expert
  • Discover insights from real experiences in modernizing complex legacy systems
  • Peak inside on how technology has enabled substantial customer engagement growth


LeanIX Connect Summit Americas 2022

Hear Stride’s CITO speak on how market domination was achieved using LeanIX

There is a playbook for success and, as business leaders, technologists can have a strong hand in the construction of their company’s success. One leader in particular, who has continued to drive success is Les Ottolenghi.

In this LeanIX Connect Summit Session, you'll hear from world-class, Fortune 500 CIO, Les Ottolenghi, on creating measurable business impact with enterprise architecture. In his talk, Ottolenghi shares how LeanIX was used to help define new business models and take a market leading position in gaming and hospitality – and how he now plans to do it again in the EdTech space.

This keynote – one not to be missed – outlines how the right architecture, supported by the right tools and partners, can create new, transformative opportunities across the entire organization.

“Businesses can use LeanIX as a way to plan and build a platform.”

Les Ottolenghi,
Chief Information & Technology Officer, Stride

Les Ottolenghi Stride

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