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Enterprise Architecture

Enterprise Architecture
Everything about what is Enterprise Architecture (EA), EA Frameworks, benefits, Enterprise Architecture Management (EAM) and the most important use cases.
EA Governance
Everything about Enterprise Architecture (EA) governance, the associated frameworks and many more. Find out how sustainable EA Governance is made!
Application Rationalization
Application rationalization means to streamline the application portfolio with the goal of reducing complexity and lowering total cost of ownership (TCO).
Application Portfolio Management
Learn everything you need to know about application portfolio management (APM), including best practices, how to get started with APM and a complete guide on application portfolio management.
Business Capabilities
Read everything about business capabilities and business capability modeling. Learn now how to create your own Business Capability Model in 4 steps!
Integration Architecture
Get to know everything about what is Integration Architecture, what the key advantages are and how to visualize it in the best possible way.
Learn everything you need to know about The Open Group Architectural Framework (TOGAF®), including best practices, a detailed approach to TOGAF® and more!
Technology Risk Management
Learn everything you need to know about Technology Risk Management, including best practices, how to get started with IT Security Management.
Enterprise Architect vs. Solution Architect
Learn the difference between an Enterprise Architect, a Solution Architect and a Technical Architect.
IT Financial Management
IT financial management (IFTM) effectively reduces the costs required for IT production, providing the way for a successful business future.
Data Modeling
An introduction to how data modeling can increase the efficiency of IT landscapes.
Business Transformation Management
Everything about what is Business Transformation (BT), Business Transformation Frameworks, Benefits, Different Types of Business Transformation and well-known examples.