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Accelerate Your EA Journey With LeanIX Certifications

Posted by Jenna Kominski on October 12, 2020

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A great way to tell if a tool is worth the investment is to check and see if it provides a way, or even multiple ways, to learn how to use the platform.  From Customer Success Managers to online or in-person training courses, modern businesses need to make sure their customer support techniques are successful in keeping their users happy and up to date on their products.  

Not only does LeanIX provide a dedicated Customer Success Manager for every client, but we also have the LeanIX EA Suite Academy. This course catalogue provides LeanIX users with the necessary knowledge to get the maximum use out of our tools. From the basics to advanced integrations, these course series and integration paths will benefit every LeanIX user no matter what stage of their EA journey they are in.

In this blog, each course and certification offered in the training program will be summarized to help give readers a base knowledge of what we have to offer!  

LeanIX Onboarding 

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This is the first course series in the academy and is useful for anyone new to working with the LeanIX platform. Right at the start, users will be introduced to the basics of LeanIX, such as the tool itself and LeanIX as a company. This also provides a detailed walkthrough of the platform, preparing users to understand and navigate the tool efficiently.  

Next, users will get a quick overview of the core use cases for LeanIX and some standard reports (these will help answer any questions about the use cases). Carefully work through the next two courses to understand how to collaborate with colleagues and stakeholders within the platform and learn how out-of-the-box reports will benefit collaboration throughout an organization. Finally, the course concludes with a segment covering LeanIX Smart Xplore. 

Inventory Fundamentals 

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The Inventory Fundamentals course series instructs users about the uses and benefits of Fact Sheets. The first segment explains what a Fact Sheet is, what types of Fact Sheets there are, and how users can efficiently navigate their Fact Sheet inventory.   

After that, the next segment provides instructions on how to import, export, and delete data, using Fact Sheet Relations and Attributes, subscribing teammates to certain Fact Sheets, and Tagging within LeanIX. The final segment covers how to ensure data quality with the help of Surveys. 

Reporting Fundamentals 

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The third-course series, Reporting Fundamentals, gives users insights into LeanIX Reports and Use Cases. Use this course to learn about Application Portfolio Management with the LeanIX Application Landscape Report, and how to rationalize applications within the platform.  

The next step is a helpful introduction to Technology Risk Management and how to leverage ServiceNow Discovery. Pay close attention to this segment to learn how to set up an integration architecture scene, model interfaces within LeanIX, and lead discussions about integration architecture. The final module of this course provides a video on how to add and use brand new reports from the LeanIX store. 

Advanced Setup  

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The Advanced Setup course series provides detailed instructions on technical setup and integrations within LeanIXPossible integrations include: 

  • ServiceNow 
  • Technopedia 
  • Confluence 
  • GraphQL 
  • TOGAF 

Webinars & White Papers 

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This course series presents a valuable collection of webinars and white papers covering the newest LeanIX topics. Learn how to use virtual workspaces to reduce complexity, future-proof your IT landscape with diagrams, how to use a workspace for GDPR compliance, and how to adapt the LeanIX EAS Data Model to your specific company infrastructure.  

There are even more webinars and white papers on the LeanIX resources page 

EA Practitioner and Associate Certifications 

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In addition to our training courses, two new certification course series are provided to get users quickly enabled on how to use the LeanIX EA Suite as well as take their EA skills to the next level. The LeanIX EA Practitioner Certification Course is a Learning Path that will benefit all LeanIX users who want to acquire or refresh fundamental knowledge of the LeanIX EA Suite. 

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The LeanIX EA Associate Certification Course Program is the next step to reach full LeanIX expertise. Users will need to complete the Level 1  Practitioner Course as a prerequisite before attempting this certification. The Associate Certification will let users acquiring in-depth knowledge and best practices on stakeholder specific use cases such as Application Portfolio Management, Application Rationalization, and Technology Risk Management. This certification helps users make sure they are getting the most of the LeanIX solution by not only providing best practices, but by applying them directly in customer-oriented use cases to unlock the true value of an EA program. 

Additional Resources 

We hope LeanIX users find these courses and certifications useful in their EA journey! To learn more about what LeanIX can offer customers, visit our Onboarding and Enablement page. To see some examples of how LeanIX can benefit businesses, take a look at our Customer Success Stories 

If you would like to learn about how LeanIX could benefit your organization, connect with us and schedule a free demo here

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