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Customer Success Story

How Rödl & Partner Drives its Digital Agenda with LeanIX


Law Firm and Tax and Audit Consultancy


Nuremberg, Germany


$495 million


  • Transparent overviews of worldwide application landscape
  • EA management tool with integrations to other IT and business tools
  • Tailor-made IT modernization strategy
  • Contextualized GDPR compliance
  • Implementation of firm's strategy and digital transformation into IT-business architecture

The Challenge

Overseeing modernization agendas

Rödl & Partner, a law firm and tax and audit consultant founded in Nuremberg, Germany in 1977, is on its way to harmonizing its complete worldwide IT-technology landscape thanks to the LeanIX EA Management tool. With operations spanning 51 countries, their harmonization project is a crucial step in its ongoing plan to create more lean and efficient operations via one shared platform of digital services: the "Rödl Private Cloud-project". This international project has proven a great success for the company (as evidenced, in great part, by the business continuity offered during the COVID-19 pandemic), and having transitioned all local server systems to a central data center and establishing a central administration service, their five-year target completion date is well within reach.

Nonetheless, despite having already unified its communication systems and employee hardware, the firm needed a tool like LeanIX to better integrate its internal services for the mobile world and oversee the next stages of its modernization agenda — a task far more intricate than just a “lift-and-shift” procedure. Rödl and Partner’s CIO, Ingo Wolf, needed recurring and transparent forms of assurance that all new business capabilities could be optimized, on time and according to his exact requirements.

“For CIOs like me, LeanIX offers real-time dashboards with the most relevant data and analytics on IT landscapes needed for managing operations."

Ingo Wolf,
CIO, Rödl & Partner


The Solution

Actionable visibility through LeanIX

So far, Rödl & Partner have positioned LeanIX as one of the three main tools for maintaining actionable visibility into its increasingly streamlined IT landscape. As explained by Dr. Torsten Greiner, Global Enterprise Architect at Rödl & Partner, the firm is currently working side-by-side with representatives from both LeanIX’s customer success and partner management teams to help populate the EA repository with data from Flexera and its CMDB. Greiner and his colleagues meet with LeanIX experts every two weeks to exchange updates on their journey and discuss ways to accelerate their transformation via subjects ranging from data migration to overall tool usability itself. This is in addition to conceptual support being provided by Incowia, a key partner in the LeanIX Partner Program ecosystem with specialties focused on technology standardization.

Of note, LeanIX’s Project Landscape report reflects the ongoing maturity of Rödl & Partner’s goals and shows which business capabilities are being updated by any given IT project. It's leveraged to answer the following questions: (1) Which projects are in place to achieve which objective; (2) which applications are affected by any given project; and (3) what is the timeline of any given project.

"Thanks to the LeanIX Store, I was connected to the expertise of incowia, a LeanIX partner who has helped Rödl & Partner with our IT transformation through custom-made analytics and consulting."

Dr. Torsten Greiner,
Global Enterprise Architect, Rödl & Partner

Dr. Torsten Greiner

The Success

Clear inventory of all operational IT data

Though IT modernization is a never-ending journey, Rödl & Partner have confidently managed to gain a clear view of the foreseeable future thanks to the all-around support of LeanIX. The law, tax, and audit firm has already documented 1000+ LeanIX Fact Sheets in their system, 343 of which on applications relating to decentralized business processes throughout its APAC and European regions. Applications across these geographic regions are now currently being evaluated and consolidated thanks to the reporting functionality of LeanIX, much of which aided by incowia’s Application Portfolio: Business Criticality & Technology Risk report offered for free on the LeanIX Store. Further, thanks to this clear inventory of all operational IT data, Rödl & Partner’s compliance officers now have the means to perform contextualized analysis of GDPR vulnerabilities.



“LeanIX is the perfect tool to drive and control the proper implementation of our digital transformation strategy, which aims on efficient processes running our worldwide harmonized IT-technology and applications. The functionality of LeanIX is unmatched and I only wish we had this tool sooner.”

Martin Wambach,
Shareholder and Managing Partner as well as CDO of Rödl & Partner

Rödl & Partner-Gebaeude

Office Headquarter – Nuremberg, Germany

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