Business Capabilities

Why Business Capability Modeling is Crucial to Enterprise Architecture

Business capability modeling is an effective way to support application portfolio management and kick-start enterprise architecture programs. But as explained in the below video on the subject by LeanIX’s Director of Professional Services, Patrick Schober, there is a fine art to defining an organization’s key services and then documenting their supporting technology.

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Highlights From EA Connect Days 2019

By all accounts, the 2019 LeanIX EA Connect Days was a success. With 450+ participants, 27 presentations, and 1000+ trees sponsored for planting in Nicaragua by LeanIX and its attendees, the international Enterprise Architecture community took full advantage of two days’ worth of knowledge sharing on IT and modern business strategies. Not to mention an opportunity for hands-on demonstrations of our company’s latest product releases: LeanIX Cloud Native Suite and LeanIX Smart Xplore™.

Detailed summaries and video recordings of each of the EACD presentations will be posted to the LeanIX blog in the coming weeks, but until then, here's just a small glimpse of what took place.

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Giving Businesses What They Want: Data-Driven Architecture with André Christ, CEO of LeanIX

Presentation highlights from Gartner's 2019 Enterprise Architecture & Technology Innovation Summit


Gartner’s 2019 Enterprise Architecture & Technology Innovation Summit was a perfect showcase for André Christ, CEO of LeanIX, to share his perspectives on the new ways in which Enterprise Architects can satisfy the demands of modern businesses.

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The Power of Business Capabilities: A Metis Strategy Perspective

Best practices from capability experts


Technology will only continue to accelerate as it moves from backstage to center stage, and I believe this evolution puts a premium on the technology leader’s ability to act as a bridge and translator between the technology and the business world. . . technology leaders must speak in a language that is concise, compelling, and easy to understand.

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Mapping Overhaul - Remapping Business Capabilities to Model Success

It’s like building the foundation for your home. When planning your enterprise architecture, a clear blueprint mapping the basic infrastructure of an organization can mean the difference between a chaotic mess or a beautiful support system.

Business capability maps provide a clear vision for future state of an organization’s applications, processes and business objects. But creating this map and understanding the impact of each capability is a daunting task, especially if your application landscape has not been well maintained over time.

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Discover & Organize Business Capabilities with Enterprise Architecture

Business-capability mapping allows companies to clearly see what a business does to reach its objectives. Business capability modeling is an essential view for IT leaders. Business needs should shape your IT architecture. As companies change, innovate, and prepare for digital transformation, processes, needs, and goals change. After complex and numerous changes, the supporting technology should also be revisited.

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Easily Define Business Capability Maps [Infographic]

Business capability modeling is an technique for the representation of an organization’s business anchor model independent of the organization’s structure, processes, people or domains.

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IT & Business Speaking the Same Language: Business Capabilities

Not only in business, but in society as a whole, a gap in language causes rifts. These rifts can cause confusion in daily life, or end up costing organizations countless hours of productivity. By nature, organizations speak many different languages. They speak of mission, strategies, goals, processes, and projects. The CEO may say, “let's make mobile first a priority!” Marketing chats about “increasing the reach to profitable millennials.” IT department could be chatting about, “load balancing the Linux server cluster.”

Which one is the right language?

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[Case Study] From Business Capability Model to Value.

In the fifth blog of our series "Business Capabilities: How to win the digital age with a common language for Business & IT", we will review three case studies on how to go from a business capability model to value.

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Breathe Life Into Your Business Capability Model: Show It at Every Opportunity.

In the fourth blog of our series "Business Capabilities: How to win the digital age with a common language for Business & IT", we will explain how to give life to your business capability model.

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