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LeanIX Pricing: An Update

LeanIX will release a new pricing model for its Enterprise Architecture Management and Cloud Native IT Management platforms on January 1, 2020. First announced at EA Connect Days 2019, the update provides use case-centric bundles to enable specific business needs faster and with less complexity. This change will only affect current LeanIX customers and contract renewals in 2022.

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LeanIX Partner Program Awards 2019: List of Recipients

We don’t say this enough, but LeanIX’s global network of Certified Partners— 43 in total from 10 countries—is fundamental to our company’s growth. It’s the not-so-hidden secret behind how we deliver our cloud-native Enterprise Architecture solutions to the number of companies we do and contribute to so many digital transformations worldwide. Based on a combination of technology enablement (online certifications, full product access, etc.), sales enablement (proof-of-concept and demo support, sales workshops, etc.), and general partner enablement (access to an evolving resources library, a dedicated LeanIX Partner Manager, etc.), our partners are able to use our tools to their fullest—and in turn, so do their clients.

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Highlights From EA Connect Days 2019

By all accounts, the 2019 LeanIX EA Connect Days was a success. With 450+ participants, 27 presentations, and 1000+ trees sponsored for planting in Nicaragua by LeanIX and its attendees, the international Enterprise Architecture community took full advantage of two days’ worth of knowledge sharing on IT and modern business strategies. Not to mention an opportunity for hands-on demonstrations of our company’s latest product releases: LeanIX Cloud Native Suite and LeanIX Smart Xplore™.

Detailed summaries and video recordings of each of the EACD presentations will be posted to the LeanIX blog in the coming weeks, but until then, here's just a small glimpse of what took place.

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Introducing LeanIX Smart Xplore: Better Productivity and User Experience from LeanIX

Coverage of LeanIX's EA Connect Days continues today with a follow-up on our company’s second major product announcements: LeanIX Smart Xplore™.

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Introducing LeanIX Cloud Native Suite: Automated Multi-Cloud Transparency

The 2019 LeanIX EA Connect Days kicked off today in grand style. After a keynote presentation on the “burnout epidemic” by Bruce Daisley, VP EMEA at Twitter and host of the Eat Sleep Work Repeat podcast, LeanIX CEO André Christ took the stage to share his company’s roadmap for the year ahead—a moment each of the event’s 450+ attendees had been anticipating.

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Must-Read Books on Enterprise Architecture

Oddly, the arrival of LeanIX’s annual EA Connect Days has come to signal the beginning of the holiday season for many at the intersection of Business and IT. This is either because the conference always takes place at the very end of November (this year on the 26th and 27th) or since it is when LeanIX gifts the international Enterprise Architecture community with product updates and IT modernization strategies aplenty.

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Gartner Recognizes LeanIX as a 'Visionary' in Magic Quadrant for EA Tools 2019

LeanIX’s data-driven approach to Enterprise Architecture and ability to lead organizations through the lifecycle of digital transformation have been featured as key strengths by Gartner in its 2019 Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Architecture Tools. In particular, LeanIX is positioned as a ‘Visionary’ for its business-outcome-driven approach to enterprise architecture.
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Presenting LeanIX’s Global Survey on Enterprise Architecture: EA Insights 2019

A new study from LeanIX on the current state of Enterprise Architecture—EA Insights 2019—is now available to download. Built from answers given by a diversity of senior IT managers and Enterprise Architects, Solution Architects and IT Architects, EA Insights 2019 is a review of the EA discipline and its role in accelerating digital transformation efforts within enterprises across 19 industries such as Automotive, Banking and Technology. In total, more than 1,800+ responses from throughout 21 countries and three regions were collected.

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An Update on the LeanIX EA Connect Days 2019 Agenda

So here it is. After months of organizing and searching for the right speakers, we’re pleased to finally have further details to share on the 2019 EA Connect Days agenda.

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A Primer on EA Connect Days 2019: Europe's Best Enterprise Architecture Conference

Just as LeanIX itself was designed to accommodate the unmet needs of those seeking Business Capabilities-focused IT architectures, the annual EA Connect Days was started in 2014 to showcase their previously overlooked insights. Both product and event have since become integral to one another, and though the scale of each has increased in pace with customer/attendee demand, the fundamental objective of the two has remained the same: keep improving the IT-Business relationship.

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