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How Compass Group Australia Built an EA Practice From Scratch

Compass Group is a British multinational contract foodservice company serving around 5.5 billion meals in 50 countries.

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How Compass Group Australia built an EA practice from scratch

Darren Shearsby is the Chief Enterprise Architect of Compass Group in Australia and responsible for both IT strategy and security. When he started in his role, IT strategy was largely detached from the business and occurring on an ad-hoc basis:

• “We need a new menu management system. But wait – didn’t we just get rid  of one last month?

• What problem are we trying to fix?

• Which processes are associated?

• Which users groups are affected?

• What are the data requirements?”

Conflicting priorities and a lack of visibility of the current landscape across the various viewpoints required to drive rationale decision-making created a request backlog and many frustrations.

Due to many needs and demands, it was unclear which problems had to be solved first. Learn more about the achieved results:

  • Small EA team able to collaborate & create big changes
  • Achieve management of Shadow/Ghost IT
  • Instantly generated of viewpoints to communicate with stakeholders
  • Significant reduction in time collecting data
  • Improvement of End-to-End processes based on common language.


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