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[EA Connect Day 2016] Technology Risk Management made easy - BDNA


Priya Kothari, Senior Director Technology Alliances at BDNA (creators of Technopedia) says that poor data quality is the primary reason for 40% of all business initiatives failing to achieve their targeted benefits. She says that up-to-date technology product information is a key input for Enterprise Architects to assess the risk of their application landscapes and to plan, manage and retire technology components in a smart way.

BDNA Technopedia serves as foundation to enrich LeanIX with accurate data on technology to reliably support business decisions. The Technopedia Catalog is integrated with LeanIX, giving LeanIX users an ultimate source of Enterprise IT Data with over 1.5 million products and 55 million market data points. Priya shows us how every Enterprise Architect can benefit from BDNA.

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