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How Compass Group Australia Built an EA Practice From Scratch

Success Story

Compass Group is a British multinational contract foodservice company serving around 5.5 billion meals in 50 countries. Darren Shearsby is the Chief Enterprise Architect of Compass Group in Australia and responsible for both IT strategy and security.  When he started in his role, IT strategy was...

The Definitive Guide to Application Portfolio Management

White Paper

Application Portfolio Management is a framework for managing enterprise IT software applications and software-based services. Application Portfolio Management provides managers with an inventory of their company‘s software applications plus the metrics to illustrate the business benefits of...

The Definitive Guide to Business Capabilities

White Paper

The role of technology is shifting from supporting business processes to the very function of executing strategy itself. Information Technology allows customers to receive shirts ordered online the very next day, to read newspapers on an iPad during a commute—all while ensuring that the invoices...

PwC & LeanIX Study 2018 – The state of SAP S/4HANA Transformation

White Paper

It's no surprise that SAP S/4HANA transformation is one of the hottest topics on the business and technology agendas of companies these days. 

The SAP S/4HANA software will provide customers with increased access to real-time data, improved integration with edge applications in the cloud and...

An agile framework to implement TOGAF with LeanIX


TOGAF® is one of the most popular EA frameworks today, and many organizations consider it to be the de facto standard. Find out how to implement TOGAF® quickly and efficiently with a lean Enterprise Architecture tool.

Reshape your IT with 24 key Enterprise Architecture Views


This Poster gives you an overview of 24 types of key Enterprise Architecture Views you need to have for your business.

Viewpoints are great to focus on particular points of your IT Architecture, Business Architecture or other. These viewpoints are determined by the concerns of the stakeholder....

Best Practices to Define Business Capability Maps


This Poster helps you create the perfect business capability map for your organization with visual capability mapping examples.

Integrate EA and ITSM with the LeanIX ServiceNow Integration


This poster illustrates how we bridge the gap between Enterprise Architecture (EA) and IT Service Management (ITSM).

Bring rapid value to your EA program with ServiceNow and LeanIX


This brochure gives you an insight into how the LeanIX ServiceNow integration works and shows you how the integration helps companies to rapidly create value from their EA program.

Master GDPR Compliance With Enterprise Architecture


The EU-GDPR is already here.  A current Gartner study shows that around 50 percent of all organizations do not fully meet the new EU Regulation by the end of 2018. In order to ensure that your company is successfully prepared for integrating the GDPR, you will need exact information on which...

Best Practices to Define Data Objects


This poster leverages examples of visual data objects to enable you to map the data objects of your organization.

How Pinellas County Digitizes Government Services for Its Citizens

Success Story

Pinellas County, Florida, in the USA is the 6th most populous county in its state. The Business Technology Services (BTS) group provides Enterprise and Custom Technology solutions to the county. They maintain the infrastructure comprised of the data centers and the county's extensive application...

The Blueprint For a Modern IT Management Stack


This poster gives you a blueprint for a modern IT Management Stack.

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Enterprise Architecture Success Kit

White Paper

Everything you need for a flying start and long-term success

Here at LeanIX we have created some helpful ideas on how to get started with your Enterprise Architecture practice. In this e-book you will learn how to:

  • sell the value of next generation Enterprise Architecture in your organization
  • ...

Best Practices to Define Technology Stacks


This poster leverages visual technology stack examples to enable you to create the perfect tech. stack for your organization.

Business Case Calculator Tool for Enterprise Architects


If you are working as an Enterprise Architect, there have probably been several times in your career where you had to justify the invest in the tools you use, projects you do or even the mere existence of your team. While the value of Enterprise Architecture is intuitively clear to many people,...

What to Make of Blockchain as an Enterprise Architect

White Paper

One of the top promising trends on the tech landscape is blockchain. Blockchain technology is sweeping the world with possibility and has the potential to spark a considerable change in the workflow of business procedures and pave the way for innovation and growth. In the business world,...

How to Answer the Top Questions of Enterprise Architecture Stakeholders


The correct enterprise architecture supports various stakeholders: CIO, CTO, IT Manager, etc. Each stakeholder has different informational needs that can be solved by enterprise architecture. For example:

  • Which applications support my processes? (BPO)
  • What risks are posed by technological...

Nine Use Cases Solved With Enterprise Architecture

White Paper

What value proposition does Enterprise Architecture provide? Just three short years ago, the demand for Enterprise Architects was on the decline. Recently, reports show that Enterprise Architecture has become the fastest growing, in-demand skill set in technology - up 26% from previous years....

The Cost of Self-Made Enterprise Architecture

White Paper

Software and hardware projects account for a significant portion of the annual IT spend - 31% and 37% respectively. As innovative enterprises are continually searching for ways to cut costs, business leaders will often opt for using a cheaper yet unfit tool over professional solutions. While it...

How Application Rationalization Contributes to the Bottom Line - and a Guide to Do it

White Paper

In today’s world, businesses with an agile IT landscape are better prepared for the inevitable changes resulting from digital transformation. To keep up with the rapidly accelerating pace of business, enterprises have amassed thousands of applications in their portfolios as a result of various...

The Complete Overview of Enterprise Integration Patterns


This poster gives you an overview of the most important enterprise integration patterns, message flows, and integration projects.

Integration projects help design and implement integration solutions. See the most common integration projects for your IT Architecture, Business Architecture etc.

How NORMA Group Uncovered Significant Rationalization Potential in Its Global Application Portfolio

Success Story

NORMA Group is a recognized leader in Engineered Joining Technology solutions, with more than 60 years of manufacturing and product-development experience. NORMA Group employs around 7,400 employees which support its global network of 29 manufacturing facilities and numerous sales and...

An Enterprise Architect’s Guide to Machine Learning

White Paper

"We are in the early stages of a 10-year cycle which machine learning is morphing from a lab curiosity to a rich, pervasive technology value-add." - Phillip Harpur, Technology Analyst.

Over 90% of the data in the world today has been created in the last two years alone. The current output of...

The Enterprise Architect of Tomorrow

White Paper

An Enterprise Architect’s (EA) role is elaborate and extremely dynamic. They can deliver great value by cutting cost and complexity by aligning IT concerns, technology tools, and strategic business goals. EAs previously produced exhaustive 5-year plans consisting of excessive amounts of...

Transforming Enterprise Architecture For Digital Empowerment

White Paper

There’s no question that digital transformation is the hot buzzword across both IT organizations and C-suites today. It’s so hot, in fact, that all the other tech buzzwords of the day – cloud computing, artificial intelligence, Internet of Things, blockchain, containers – are all themselves...

Re-Invent Your IT With a Lean Enterprise Architecture Framework


This poster gives you an overview of the LeanIX Data Model.

A lean and agile data model is key for Enterprise Architects, IT Architects, Business Architects or others. These strive to see the whole picture, not only focusing on business capabilities, data models or just one particular component....

How to Re-Invent Your IT Architecture


The Presentation on 'IT Modernization in Action: How to re-invent your IT Architecture' was held by LeanIX Co-CEO André Christ at the Gartner Enterprise Architecture & Technology Innovation Summit in London on 14 June 2017.

Find out how LeanIX completely re-invented their entire IT architecture....

Mastering the GDPR with Enterprise Architecture

White Paper

The EU-GDPR is coming, will you be ready for 2018? A current Gartner study shows that around 50 percent of all organizations will not fully meet the new EU Regulation by the end of 2018.

In order to ensure that your company is successfully prepared for integrating the GDPR, you will need exact...

LeanIX ServiceNow Integration


The LeanIX ServiceNow Integration makes expert IT management information available for everyone, helping you to

  • reduce IT incidents
  • integrate data siloes
  • increase productivity
  • make decisions based on real-time business and operations data

The ServiceNow platform focuses on operations, whereas...

Artificial Intelligence Survey Report 2017


LeanIX, in collaboration with "Rethink! IT Europe ", the leading IT event across Europe, published a study on the use of Artificial Intelligence. Over 140 high-ranking CIOs and IT decision-makers from leading European companies participated in the survey.

Find out how Artificial Intelligence...

What Artificial Intelligence Means for Your Business - Right Now

White Paper

In their efforts to deploy and apply Artificial Intelligence (AI) in their organizations, many companies are facing certain challenges, lack of resources and skills being among the most significant ones. This white paper explains what AI is and explores how it can create value for your business...

GDPR Readiness Survey


The General Data Protection Regulation, or GDPR (Regulation EU 2016/679) is a regulation of the European Union introduced to improve and unify personal data protection of individuals within the European Union. It enters into application in May 2018.

Based on input from our clients we created an...

How HAWORTH Accelerates Global Growth With a Joint Information Platform for Business & IT

Success Story

Haworth operates in 126 countries, serves 650 dealers, and has one vision: to create beautiful, effective and adaptable workspaces. .

The company has experienced tremendous growth over the last years. There were two main drivers: Their workspace product transformed from furniture into integrated...

Handelsblatt Presents: LeanIX


Each week the Handelsblatt presents young and aspiring entrepreneurs. It takes a look at the personalities, the business model, and the financing.

Founders André Christ and Jörg Beyer came up with the idea for their business during their time together at the logistics specialist DHL. They work...

How Enterprise Architecture Management Paves the Way Into the Cloud

White Paper

“In 2020, a No-Cloud policy will be as rare as a No-Internet policy today”

As a part of digital transformation clouds offer a lot of business-enabling benefits and opportunities. Increased time to market due to shortened development cycles, ability to scale at demand, dramatically increased...

Realizing Post-Merger Synergies in Your IT Application Landscape

White Paper

The challenges for successful IT integration following a merger are wide-ranging: You have to transform the IT landscape while keeping the company’s business running. Differing technology standards have to be unified and a wide range of processes and their supporting IT adapted. The initial...

How to Implement TOGAF With LeanIX


TOGAF is one of the most popular EA frameworks today and many organizations consider it to be the de facto standard. In this webinar, renowned EA Specialist Juha Mylläri, will look at how LeanIX can be used to support Enterprise Architecture Management with TOGAF.

TOGAF provides a toolkit of...

Modernizing IT for a Digital Era with Microservices


A microservices architecture is not a new style of building large scale enterprise applications. Companies like Netflix and Amazon have implemented a microservices architecture to deliver successful products over the last few years.

But is a microservices architecture right for your...

DevOps: Adding Velocity to IT

White Paper

In recent years, DevOps has taken the IT world by storm and substantially changed software development. It affects how companies develop, deploy and monitor software and operate applications as well as the underlying infrastructure.

But what exactly is DevOps? Historically, developers (Dev) and

Microservice Study: Beyond Agile - It Is Time to Adopt Microservices


LeanIX surveyed more than 100 high-level IT professionals on the usage of microservices at prominent European and American companies. We were curious about how (or if) this technology was being used and there were recurrent hurdles with implementation. While we do know that microservices are...

Best Practice Business Capability Maps


In order to successfully compete with other companies on market, every organization leader must clearly answer certain questions:

  • What exactly are we doing to implement our business strategy?
  • How are we doing that?
  • Why will it work?

The first question is usually a good starting point. The...

Adapt to the Digital Age With DevOps


This poster shows in a nutshell how to easily adapt to the Digital Era with DevOps.

DevOps is the way modern enterprises can confront the radical changes in technology and its business objectives. Agile methods are the key to this challenge.

You will learn about the path to DevOps adoption and...

Business Capabilities: How to win the digital age with a common language for Business & IT

White Paper

In the digital age the role of technology shifts from supporting processes of the business strategy to the key factory of strategy execution itself. Information Technology helps that customers receive their shirt ordered online the next day, it helps that they can read their newspaper during...

Digital Transformation: A Case for Lean Enterprise Architecture Management

White Paper

The digital transformation provides chances and challenges for companies of every size. Successful companies realize that it is far more than an IT topic. More than ever, it becomes indispensable to create transparency on the relation between business and IT.

Enterprise Architecture Management...

Microservices — What an Enterprise Architect Needs to Know

White Paper

Rapidly accelerating digitalization is forcing many businesses to rethink their architectures. To meet the constantly growing expectations of technology- savvy customers, companies must ensure that their products are available on all digital channels and as quickly as possible.

One way to reduce...

Lean Enterprise Architecture Management (EAM)


This printable poster illustrates how a lean Enterprise Architecture approach can help prepare your company for the challenges of the digital age.

Easily visualize the three driving factors that change corporate IT:

  1. Agile teams that allow companies to break the error-prone, plan-build-run...

Modernizing IT for a Digital Era with Microservices


This poster shows in a nutshell how to easily modernize your IT for the Digital Era with Microservices.

A Microservice architecture can cut down monolithic applications into small parts that can be developed independently by agile teams and operated dynamically.

You will learn about the benefits...

12 Steps to a Better IT for Your Company


This poster was stimulated by an article from McKinsey & Company about “Disruptive technologies: Advances that will transform life, business, and the global economy” in May 2013. In many cases companies which are not prepared for such a potential future will struggle. And IT plays a vital part...

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